We all know that selling your home can be both a really exciting time and a very daunting prospect. Whether it’s your first time saying goodbye to the house you live in, or you’re a veteran at property selling, you want to sell your house fast, and for as little cost to you as possible. But with the average market time wildly fluctuating across the states, knowing the pitfalls to avoid when selling your home can mean a quicker sale and an easier route to your new front door.

1.  The location of your home is undesirable: This is always an important
consideration to make, especially when pricing your home for sale. Living next to a highway, a creek that often floods, a bad neighborhood- these things are all aspects you might have gotten used to but are off-putting to others! There are some things that you can change, but unfortunately, this isn’t one of them so take this into account when pricing your property for sale.

2.  You’re selling your home off-season: There actually is a preferred time for selling your house. Late spring is often seen as the best time to sell your home. Most buyers are looking for a new house around May. Winter is the worst time to sell; sales are slower because of the holidays and nobody wants to venture out in the poor weather.

3.  Your house is in a poor condition- If there are multiple issues with the house that need fixing before it can sell, then that’s going to have a major effect on the likelihood of it getting sold quickly. This is a big issue for those that don’t have the money for upfront costs to repair or replace faults. The solution used to be lowering the price of the sale but thankfully there’s now a solution in REFRESH.

4.  Your house has spent too many days on the market already- When your house spends too much time on the market, it sends signals to buyers to be wary. This is especially true if the house swings back and forth between pending and active.

5.  Your home has no curb appeal- Quite simply put, if your house looks bad from the outside, the first impression given off to potential buyers isn’t great. You wouldn’t buy an apple if it looked bruised and worn from the outside even if it might be the tastiest fruit you’ve ever eaten. REFRESH can now help you make improvements to the exterior of your home without you having to spend a small fortune upfront.