Remove Buyer’s Objections & Get Your Home Ready to Sell Fast!

Sell your listing faster for more money. ReFresh works with you to determine the proper scope. No matter the size, our expert team does it all. We eliminate the burden of out of pocket costs prior to close. ReFresh is the trusted partner to handle all the details for a stress-free experience.

ReFresh has the answer with a hassle-free solution. Our team quickly makes your listing ready to sell for its Best Market Price* and reducing its Market time*. Your client pays nothing until the home sells. At closing, they simply pay us from the proceeds of the sale, we get paid when they do.


ReFresh knows that getting your listing ready to sell can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. How to best make it ready? how to make it most appealing? How to coordinate the work, liability, trade availability, insurance? And who do I trust? Do I have time to handle the details?

FIX FAST FREE is the team that realtors trust to make their lives easier and make more money. You can focus on what you do best: sell homes. With over 30 years of experience in remodeling, building, and selling homes, we are highly respected in our industry and by our many past clients.

ReFresh works with Realtors to assess the home to determine its market objections and how to remove them. We obtain competitive quotes from our approved, fully screened, insured contractors, and perform the work at no initial cost to your homeowner. We remove buyers objections, handle all of the details and work with you to get your home sold quickly and for the Best Market Price*.

If the home does not sell, we will buy the home in 12 months at the current Best Market Price*.

Our quality is backed with a warranty. In addition, we provide a whole house structural and mechanical warranty backed by a nationally recognized and respected warranty firm. This will add to the value of your home and give buyers the confidence in their purchase.

Home improvement loans come with fees, lots of them; appraisal fees, application fees, title fees, closing costs, recording fees, all costing you more money and taking time for the approval process. Most banks won’t lend on homes that have been on the market in the last several months.

Hiring a contractor can be stressful. Who to select, what is a fair price, what work should be done? Who do you trust to handle all this for you?

ReFresh takes the stress away. We manage the entire process and we wait until the home is sold until we get paid. Our interests are aligned with yours. We all want the home to sell quickly at the best price. 


  • Minimize home inspection issues
  • Be able to list a home with no compromises
  • No project management time required
  • No liability for the work that is performed
  • Reduced market time
  • A 3-year whole house warranty included
  • A trusted provider handles all the details
  • We partner with you to determine the appropriate scope
  • Potential for lead referrals for new listings
  • Participate in “realtor of the week” social media/website program
  • Potential long-time visibility on marketing material
  • Opportunities to participate in videos on the refresh2sell.com website

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Trust the ReFresh expert team to get your home ready to sell.


ReFresh will handle all the details and do the work quickly to sell your home faster.


ReFresh offers the solution with no
out of pocket costs prior to close.