Expert Team

The Refresh leadership team consists of over a dozen of industry professionals with expertise in real estate, construction, remodeling, maintenance, architecture, interior design, and finance home inspections. 

Anthony “Tony” Perry, CEO, has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of residential construction, design and real estate. Tony entered the field at 19, buying his first apartment building and renovating it while attending Architecture college. He is nationally recognized for his industry leadership, design and construction expertise. Tony has built innovative teams who have revolutionized the design, construction and real estate industry. Leading the ReFresh team of dedicated professionals, Tony seeks to disrupt the norm for the antiquated real estate industry giving homeowners and their real estate professionals a new innovative option. ReFresh was created by Tony so people are never forced to sell their home in distress.

Kent DeReus, President, has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of architecture, construction, remodeling and real estate. Kent has held leadership positions in Chicago’s finest firms earning him high praise for his years of award-winning work. Kent sees ReFresh as an opportunity to provide an entirely new option for home sellers and their real estate professionals to avoid the stresses and pitfalls associated with a highly competitive real estate market. Kent has the ability to be innovative and implement innovation, a rare combination. He sees ReFresh as a client centric approach to help people navigate a competitive real estate sales market with the best possible outcome.

Our board of advisors and leadership team consists of professionals in all areas of real estate. These 14 highly respected professionals have contributed to the mission of Refresh. Creating the highest value for homeowners by selling their home quickly without the compromises that cause homes to linger on the market.

With our vast expertise, we have seen the need to develop a resource for homeowners and real estate professionals to help them sell homes fast for the highest value by removing the compromises buyers avoid…. all at no cost until the home sells.